A bright light on van storage

Clocks go forward

Time for change to a new van storage system

The clocks have gone forward by an hour and it is the start of DST Daylight Saving Time. For many it is a welcome start to having an extra hour of daylight, yay! I was so looking forward to this and I must admit, I much prefer driving my van around this time of the year. Just think, extra daylight time to load and off load goods using the Mule’s unique van storage system.

Hey I know Muletray is a quick and easy way to change van trays but with the extra daylight time, I can do this for longer in natural light instead of artificial street light. It is argued that DST allow drivers to return home in daylight which can reduce traffic accidents during the evening rush hour. But the main thing for me, is longer daylight clears away the winter blues.

Removable van storage system

Tidy van with removable van storage

Tidy van with removable van storage

easy Access van storage

You want to fit racking to keep the van organised, but you’re worried that you will lose the ability to carry large items occasionally? This is a dilemma faced by many van operators.

Fitting racking to your van seriously affects your capacity to carry large items such as plywood sheeting, plant equipment, fabrications and the like. Not fitting racking to your van however, results in van floors very quickly becoming cluttered with layer upon layer of tools, equipment and supplies.

Things that go bump in the night

Bump in the night

Bump in the night

It’s halloween night tonight, parents and kids preparing for a night of sweets, creepy masks, pumpkins and all things scary…. if you really want to scare the kids threaten them with extra homework or a visit to the dentist.

At Mule International, it’s not things that go bump in the night that worry us, it’s things that go bump in the back of the van, especially if you happen to be delivering parcels or transporting numerous item. Damaged goods result in unhappy couriers and customers alike.

Is Mule the best van storage system for you?

Versatile uses for Mule

Versatile uses for Mule

I was asked recently who our ideal client would be. The point of the question was that if we could identify and illustrate the type of client that would benefit most from our products, then it may help such potential clients to identify themselves as potential benefactors of our products. With that in mind, the following could be our ideal client…

Higgs boson back on line after 2 years

The Large Hadron Collider - courtesy of CERN

The Large Hadron Collider – courtesy of CERN

The Hadron Collider in Switzerland restarts after a 2 year re-fit. The scientists are planning to double the energy from previous tests when they start particle collisions in about a months time. It has been said that the previous round of tests managed to fortify our existing understanding of the ‘standard’ model of physics, including proving the existence of the Higgs boson. There are more things that are not yet understood, such as dark energy and dark matter, that have very few theoretical predictions about them, and so the scientists don’t actually know what they are looking for. The next phase therefore is to super-power the proton beams in the hope that something unexpected and spectacular happens.

Solar eclipse

Solar eclipse - courtesy NASA

Solar eclipse – courtesy NASA

It’s been and gone but did you managed to witness the UK solar eclipse? This natural event occurs when the moon travels between the sun and the earth, resulting in darkness. It’s only temporary which is a good thing but hey,  imagine what would it be like to be in shadows for a long time, not fun, dismal to say the least! Gloomy like a constant dark cloud over your head.

Spring has arrived

Spring has arrived

Spring has arrived

Spring has finally arrived and isn’t that great? Daylight getting longer which means a more enjoyable ride for van drivers, well for me anyway. So to celebrate the new season I have put together five facts on Spring.

Are composites the way forward?

Picture of Glass/Carbon composite mat

Glass/Carbon composite mat

We at MULE attended a crash course in Composite manufacturing hosted by a few fine fellows at the City of Bristol College, to look into the potential use of carbon/glass fibre resin composites.

This composite mat comprises 4 layers of glass fibre matting layered between 2 layers of carbon fibre matting. The tensile strength of this material can potentially withstand many tons of force. Its flexural strength however is nowhere near as impressive.

Which van door to choose?

There are two common types of rear door for small to medium sized vans (discounting special purpose roller shutter doors) – the lift-up tail gate type and the barn door type.

World wide wi-fi

As I travel around the globe whilst trying to keep tabs on affairs back in the office, I find it very difficult to get effective internet access.

Nothing to do with hotels really

Whilst travelling recently in Asia, we tried many hotels based on recommendations from people on trip advisor.


Mules (and donkeys) have been labelled “stubborn” for centuries, but it is really only an abundance of common sense and a strong desire for self-preservation that might make them inclined to resist.

Nice simple design

Travelling in South East Asia at the moment. Pleasant mix of business, family time and R&R. Aren’t family time and R&R one and the same I hear you say?

CV Show 2014

Hi all, many thanks to everyone that visited our stand at the commercial vehicle show this year. It was a pleasure to meet you all. We were extremely pleased with the amount of positive feedback that we recieved about our new quick switching Muletray system.


What we do

Why are we so excited about Mule?

One of the best things you can do for your company or business is to create a web-site. Even if your web-site never went live, the process of identifying and documenting what your business does, causes you to question everything about your business;

Van Safety

Well I recently came back from visiting a client of ours up in sunny Wrexham (yes, it was actually sunny) and I showed one of the engineers on site the MULETRAY® system.

Merry Christmas

Mule International wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy (and safe) New Year.

If there is ice on the roads and you drive a van with lots of heavy equipment in the back, remember to secure them tightly or why not enquire about our new Mule Cage System, equipped with safety features that will keep contents in place at all times.

Good day all

Good day all, and welcome to our opening Blog.

What is Mule about?

It gives me great pleasure to talk to you about my favorite subject (other than ME of course!) and that is the new start up business  that I’ve been working on with some close friends and colleagues; ‘Mule International’. The time is ripe I feel, to share what we are up to.

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