Untidy van versus MULETRAY van storage system

For the…

  • Super efficient van storage – allowing you to locate items with ease
  • Unprecedented access. As the drawer pulls out to you, there is no aggravating your already-bad back by over-reaching or needing to crawl into the back of your van on your hands and knees
  • Compartmentalised storage – leading to less damage to fragile goods
  • Doubling your floor area, which we all know is the most usable space in your vehicle
  • The jib option – making loading heavy items from the floor effortless

Years of rummaging around in the back of a van was the impetus that led to the creation of the MULETRAY.

We at MULE feel your pain. Being organised has never been so easy!

For the…
Fleet Manager

  • Unprecedented easy access to loaded goods – leading to driver efficiency
  • Rapid switching between loads or pre-loading saving valuable time at the depot

You are not doubt constantly under pressure to increase operational efficiency whilst reducing costs, ensuring a safe operation and a gleefully happy driving force. MULE products can help you meet all these requirements. How can we do this? By providing:

If you have a particularly demanding loading task, we will work tirelessly with you to find solutions that integrate with the way you work and the fleet you manage. Mule International can help you explore your creativity and really make a difference to the way your fleet operates.

For your…

The MULE products will save your company money. You should expect to see a ROI in as little as 18 months. See our worked examples for details.

Happy drivers, happy accountant, happy operations manager. Impress your clients with your professionalism and your investment in progressive technology and infrastructure.