A bright light on van storage

Clocks go forward

Time for change to a new van storage system

The clocks have gone forward by an hour and it is the start of DST Daylight Saving Time. For many it is a welcome start to having an extra hour of daylight, yay! I was so looking forward to this and I must admit, I much prefer driving my van around this time of the year. Just think, extra daylight time to load and off load goods using the Mule’s unique van storage system.

Hey I know Muletray is a quick and easy way to change van trays but with the extra daylight time, I can do this for longer in natural light instead of artificial street light. It is argued that DST allow drivers to return home in daylight which can reduce traffic accidents during the evening rush hour. But the main thing for me, is longer daylight clears away the winter blues.