Work smarter with your vehicle

MULE is a new type of removable van storage and van drawer – quick-switching, high load capacity carrier system that offers all of these benefits:

  • Removable van storage that can be customised for your needs
  • Rapid loading/unloading and pre-loading of vehicles
  • Increased van floor storage capacity – super space efficient and flexible
  • Excellent access to load area without over-reaching or climbing into the back
  • Safe, strong and secure van tray system for van storage

The project range includes; 200KG deep drawers, telescopic lifting jibs, barrel lifters, raised floors, pull-out workstations, project trays and more. The MULE systems would be well suited in the fields of agricultural, machinery servicing, parcel delivery, utilities, property maintenance, and emergency services.

With MULETRAY you can

  • Reduce the size and/or number of vehicles in your fleet
  • Quickly adapt one vehicle for different uses; or when you don’t need it, you can take it out

The net result is a huge potential for saving on initial purchasing cost of vehicles, operating time and costs. The MULE mission is to make load handling systems that are fast, efficient, safe and a pleasure to use.


The revolutionary in-vehicle/out-of-vehicle load management system

Affiliated partners

We offer products to improve van loading and storage. However we are also keen to provide alternative products in association with MULE.